Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Morning Bloom's 8/9/09

Blue Hydrangea by Moirabot
{via flickr}

Today is yet another gloomy day in the neighborhood and I'm little upset as yesterday, once again, I missed the BK Flea Market. I mean seriously, this is starting to become a trend, one which I'm not to fond of. As my luck would have it I actually had to work yesterday as new product had arrived at our flag ship store and of course yesterday the weather was perfect. Go figure. But fear not, rain or shine, I'm going to the flea today under the Brooklyn Bridge. So far its just a bit overcast, although thunder storms are predicted, I'm hoping to scare them away with my positive attitude (bringing my umbrella along in case that doesn't work). Wish me luck, I'm hoping to finally have a BK Flea Top 5 for you this week. Stay tuned...


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