Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anthropologie Meets "The Sartorialist"

Anthro catalogs are always so inspiring to me and this month was not a disappointment. I love these images from the new August 2009 Anthro Catalog. They have a very"sartorialist" feel to them, which in my opinion is genius given the popularity of The Sartorialist as well as his new book released in July. Anthropologie traveled the streets of NYC, London and Paris to find real stylish people to model their clothes. Above are my favorites from the bunch... to see the rest, click here and to shop the catalog click here.

The Sartorialist book available here. Oh, one more thing... while were Sartorialist book, you MUST click here and check out the video created over at Style Bubble.


{photo credit: Anthropologie}


  1. I love these photos My fav is the first one. I can just picture you being that girl standing outside a cafe in Paris!

  2. Thanks =) I cant totally picture it too!!!

  3. ahhh we're so on the same page - i did a post about the same exact thing! its cool in a way that they picked up on what people are paying attentino to (blogs) but in the same right i want them to leave blogs alone haha



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