Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


This year for Halloween, TREAT yourself to some seasonal delight.  Indulge in a nice hot bath filled with Pumpkin Spice Muffin or Caramel Apple bubble bath... go "bobbing for apples" or coat your lips with something tasty! All brought to you by philosophy, one of my favorite skincare lines (mostly because of their super cute packaging).   What a fun way to get in the spirit of Halloween. 

I for one had all of "Trick or Treat" fun yesterday at Ft. Green Park with my god daughter and her older sister who both dressed up as Scooby & Scrappy Doo, so naturally I dressed up as Velma.  We had a blast! Today, Im spending it with my pup, were headed to the farmers market now to pick up some pumpkins for dinner, so I can continue on my pumpkin making adventure that I have seemed to embark on for the Fall season. 

What are your Halloween plans?  Anyone dressing up? I wanna know.

Either way, be sure to be safe! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lets Go "Write" a Bike....

First off I have to say that I did not find these beauties on my own. It just so happened that I signed on to twitter tonight and there was a posting from @MsUnreliable about the coolest idea ever... so I had to click and boy am I glad I did!  Even though I didn't "find" these I had to share them with you as I was so amazed. These bicycles don't exist (yet) but the idea belongs to Juri Zaech, who in my opinion is genius!  I want one so bad... Juri... Please, please, please get a prototype made soon so we all can enjoy a nice "write" on a bike. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Currently Loving: Marc by Marc Jacobs Jewelry

I came across the current selection of MBM Jewelry on Net-A-Porter and had to share with you all.  How cute are the zipper pull earrings?  I love how be it fashion, footwear or jewelry, Marc knows how to have fun. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Look for Less... Taupe/Grey Flat Boots

If your looking for a great pair of taupe/grey color leather flat boots, like I was last week but didn't want to spend nearly $400, then your in look.  I found these fabulous pair of boots are Target last week for only $49.99.  There real leather, a GREAT color and super comfortable.  Need I say more.  These are for sure a must and if you feel like splurging the Anthro option look great as well and I'm sure either have some really cool lining or come in a fabulous box. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Inspiration Behind "Just The Way You Are"...

Pretty much every morning I "Jump Start" my day with VH1... so its no surprise when their top favorites become my favorites.  One of my current ones being "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars. First of all its such a simple, beautiful song, how could any girl not love it.  We all at one point or another wished that some guy would come along and write us a song about how beautiful we are (we'll at least I do) and then sing it to us while creating a portrait of us out of the tape from an old cassette... ? Huh?  a cassette tape.  How did that fall into the fantasy?  Well, if you have seen the video then you would know exactly what I am talking about.  Song aside, the images created from the cassette table are my FAVORITE part of the video.  I was in awe watching them come to life each time it came on.  So much in awe that I HAD to find out more.  So I did.


The video was inspired by an extremely talented young artist, Erika Iris Simmons from St. Louis. She creates these amazing pieces of art from recycle cassette tape and 8mm film. A true visionary!  Her website describes her art a blend between conceptual art, craft making and pop culture.  Straight from her 'about me' on her site... "there is always a hidden world to be found seemingly mundane".  I couldn't of said it better myself.  It seems that me and Ericka have a thing in common. Below are some of my favorites from her flickr stream...

Ghost in the Machine - Fred and Ginger
8mm Recycled Film with Kodak reel
Erika Iris Simmons

Ghost in the Machine - Fred and Adele
8mm Recycled film on white canvas
Erika Iris Simmons

Ghost in the Machine- Michael Jackson
Tribute to Michael Jackson, cassette tape on canvas, 2009
Erika Iris SImmons

Ghost in the Machine: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe coming out of old 8mm film reel, recycled film on canvas, 2009. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Erika Iris Simmons

Check out the video below in case you haven't seen it, of if your like me and love watching it over and over again.   This time hopefully you will pay a little more attention to the inspiration behind it and be thankful that you now know where is came from...Enjoy!

Bruno Mars - New Music - More Music Videos

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quote of the moment...

-Jennifer Donnelly via The Winter Rose

After reading this... I must purchase this book ASAP. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. 

Anthropologie Opens Accessories Only Shop!!!

I just found out via StyleList that Anthropologie will be opening their very 1st Accessories only shop and I couldn't be more thrilled.  The store is set to open October 29th in Chevy Chase, MD and will carry accessories and 50% footwear. How exciting!  Anthro always has the best accessories, I cant imagine a store devoted to just that!  And shoes.... oh my... you usually can only get those online so this will be a real treat.  My next trip to DC will for sure have to include a stop by Chevy Chase to check this out. 

Above is my current "accessories must haves" from Anthropologie.  Hopefully they will all be stocked in the store once it opens.  

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dreaming of Yesteryears...

Photos via: Dustjacket Attic

I am mid-air as you read this headed to San Francisco.  I have a shop to install for work and then will be spending the weekend at my moms before heading back to NY on Tuesday.  Although I am currently on a delta flight racking up the miles as I'm almost at Gold Status, I personal would love to travel back in time and take a cross country train ride to SF.  Im mean the wardrobe alone that a trip like this would entail would be worth it.  

I think I'll close my eyes now for the remainder of the flight and dream of yesteryears and moments like this. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anthropologie – October Outfits

Have you stopped by Anthropologie's site today? If not... hurry over. The have this great interactive video posted featuring their "October Outfits" that I think you will find a perfect treat. Its like a whimsical day caught on film. I mean who wouldn't to spend a day starting off at the bookstore, stopping by the flower shop and bakery while enjoying a wonderful bike ride and ending at a quint little cafe... although with outfits to match.  I for one would love to spend an upcoming Sunday JUST like this.

Click  the this link here ---> Anthropologie – October Outfits to see the video!  Its absolutely lovely!

(photos via:

Which outfit is your fav... I would have to say The 2nd Flower Shop and the 2nd Bide Ride are at the top of my list!



...luckily making things look nice is part of what I do for a living! When you love what you do, its no longer a job.

(via here

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Monday + Weekly Runway Wish List

Photos via:

Well another week is upon us and I for one am thrilled.  This Friday Im heading to San Francisco for work, which means I will be staying the weekend with my family and picking up my little pup Frankie who has been spending the last month with Grandma due to all of my recent traveling.  I cant wait to see my little one, I miss him so much.  It has been way too quite around the apartment without him.  Although with my recent schedule I am glad he's been at Grandmas where he can get the attention he deserves. 

So with the fabulous week ahead I thought I would share with you my Runway wish list featuring one designer and five looks from any current or future season that I would like to be wearing this week.  Im currently loving Rebecca Taylor's Fall 2010 line, especially these five looks featured above. Everything about it is so perfect.  The colors, the textures, the laid back luxury!  Im going to try to recreate at least one of these looks with my current wardrobe and will be on the hunt for a pair of wide leg gray pants just like these! 

Rebecca Taylor inspires me... what fashions inspire you this week?

Happy Monday! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday (Autumn) Afternoons... Pumpkin Pop-tarts!

The crispness has arrived, my boots and scarves are back in heavy rotation, and that can only mean one thing Autumn has arrived, my favorite time of the year and not just because my birthday happens to fall in November.  Even if that weren't so I still think I would love Fall.  Its such a beautiful season filled with so many wonderful, beautiful, happy things.  Pumpkins being one of them!  Have I ever mentioned before how much I LOVE pumpkin.  The smell is incredible, the taste is divine, I simply can not get enough.  I think my love affair with pumpkin started when I had my first pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks many years ago.  Since if pumpkins in it you can bet I will give it a try.  

So it was no surprise when I found myself spending hours late one night on the internet looking up "pumpkin recipes" and to my surprise there were SO many.  On one site alone there were 47 pages filled with pumpkin recipes. Of course there was the traditional pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheese cake, but then when pumpkin chili, pumpkin lasagna, pumpkin enchiladas and pumpkin pop-tarts popped up, I became giddy with excitement. I knew I had to try many if not all of the recipes that I found!  So today I made my first two, pumpkin pop-tarts (click here for the receipe) and pumpkin lasagna and I had to share one of them with all of you.  

I was so pleased with how both turned out.  It was such a fun experience and they turned out SUPER yummy!  The pop-tarts were super easy and would be a great activity to do with the little ones.  Also if your a bit adventurous like me you will for sure want to try out this pumpkin lasagna recipe. It was truly amazing! After the day I had my apartments smells fabulous!  Ahhh.... I love Autumn & I love Sundays! 

Photo Credit: Yours truly 
Recipe via: The Family Kitchen 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Make it Work"

Photo Credit: William Bragg

The last few days have been pretty intense for me as I plan, prepare, and execute our Spring 2011 Visual Guideline shoot at work.  This time of year (which happens every 3 months) is the craziest most intense 4 days ever, but it is also my favorite part of my job.  During this time my creative is always tested while I try to "make it work" as Tim Gunn would say.  It's nice to have a challenge, especially when the end result is successful.  The above photo I think is a great reminder of what this week really means to me.  Its the "moment" that is captured and meant to convey a certain perspective.  Amongst all the craziness that is this week, its nice to be able to sit back for a moment and think, I have a job that I love doing.  One that continues to not only challenge me, but that allows me creative freedom, the the ability make an impact, and above all one that I truly do love. Not many can say that.  I'm a lucky girl! 


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