Sunday, August 16, 2009

BK Flea Top Five 8/15/09

I'm sure you probably wondered what the heck happened to Fallon's "BK Flea Top 5", well to tell you the truth, my only excuse is that life had got the best of me... that and the weather. Saturday/Sunday would come and either I had something else that I had to do, or the weather would be absolutely horrible. One weekend I helped a friend move and then spent Sunday at Coney Island. Then another weekend I was in California, followed by a weekend full with rain. Oh and one Saturday I went to the Chelsea Flea Market to pick up my fabulous beach cruiser (more to come soon on that). So as you can see one thing led to another and a whole month had passed. But now I'm back... now its time for the good stuff!

BK Flea Top 5:

Adjustable Dress Form
Vintage $75
*still crying over the fact that it wasn't in my budget for the week

Mid-Century Wooden Candle Holders
$65 and up
*for the look for less (and more fabulous in my opinion) check out this item in my friends etsy shop AnthroPovertie for only $25

Vintage Tea Pot w/Matching Tea Cup's and Saucers
$45 (I think)

Vintage Camera w/Tripod
*no price listed and the seller was not around

Mid-Century Hollow Wooden Owl

...and since you know I love food. I had to share my yummy lunch with you as well.

LUNCH... Yum!
Guacamole Fish Taco's & Lime Jarritos

Brooklyn Flea Blog
AnthroPovertie Etsy Shop

*All photos taken via my iphone



  1. freakin awesome. (1) *love* fish tacos. (2) that dress form -- I haven't started sewing yet (except in my head!) and that looks like the perfect form, with all those movable parts! and (3) those candle forms are awesome! Love that we can all pretend we're shopping ;)

  2. So many great finds! I really love those candle holders.

    BTW: I am so glad you found that book! It is so lovely!



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