Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Cup of Tea...

I have been on the hunt lately for vintage teacups to hang under my kitchen cabinets, which got me thinking about other creative uses for both teacups and teapots. Aren't this images just lovely?! Of course, flowers in a tea cup isn't exactly the most creative idea, but I still love the concept. My favorite of the bunch is the first one of the teacup light fixture, how unexpected. All of these ideas would look great in my apartment. Now I just have to find the perfect teacups for each project. The joy of the hunt continues...

{photo credit via: 1: 2: Gordon Gossip 3: unknown 4: Duet-Weddings; 5: Code For Something}


  1. WOW so many ways to use a teacup!! Love the light fixture So cute!!!!

  2. The possibilities are endless...

  3. i love the cupcakes in the tea cups! (and the rest of them as well!) very cute! i like putting some of the stemless pieces/scragglers from a fresh bouquet of flowers into dainty tea cups...just as my French grandmere would have!



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