Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Day in Brooklyn...

Blueberry Muffin's & Green Tea for Breakfast

The gardens at Habana Outpost

The bathroom ceiling at Habana Outpost
(Featured on the Travel Channel as one of the Top Extreme Bathrooms)

"The Hill" Clinton Hill, Fort Greene & Wallabout

Bespoke Bicycles, Lafayette Ave.

Love the sign!!!

This is why I love my neighborhood...
you see things like Mike's Sharpening Service
Read more about this nostalgic service here.

Vanderbilt Ave.

Yesterday it was raining off & on throughout the afternoon, which seemed to scare off most of the vendors at the BK flea, but how does the saying go... "when life hands your lemons, make lemonade" =) So my friend and packed our umbrellas and headed out for to play . Our first stop was still the flea, although with not many vendors I wasn't able to do my top 5 picks, but we did enjoy some fabulous Mexican food from one of the (correction) THE only food vendor there that day. After that we ventured down Lafayette Ave. making a stop at Bespoke Bicycle Shop, where I picked up a lovely white metal basket for my bicycle as well as a pair of cork grips and a free NYC Bicycle map. Then it was off to the hardware store for coffee mug hooks for under my kitchen cabinets... mojito's (plural) at Habana and our last stop at The Green Grape. Rain or was just another fabulous day in Brooklyn.


{photo credit: via my iphone}


  1. I love this photography. Its simply gorgeous. I would love to visit Brooklyn. Maybe one day I will make it up there. :)

  2. Thanks Megg!! Brooklyn really is a wonderful place unlike any other... you get the big city but the nostalgic feel both at the same time. I'm glad you like the photography... my iphone really can take some amazing pics =)

  3. Definitely need to plan an entire day in BK with you on my next trip to NYC. Thanks for allowing us to live through the pics of your adventures :)

  4. These are so cool! What a great place to live and I cant believe you took those on your iphone!

  5. Thanks Rachel! I used a the new Shake It App. You have to get it!!! The pictures come out amazing =)

    @Amy: I can't wait for out day in Brooklyn =)



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