Monday, June 29, 2009

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

As I am sure you have guessed by now, I love fairytale's and when it comes to Alice in Wonderland there is no exception. Of course I like the Disney version of the Lewis Carroll classic, but my favorite growing up was actually the 1980's TV version which was actually a little scary with the jabberwocky monster and all. I think the darkness of it actually added to the overall movie and if you know your fairytale's, it does happen to follow the original by L. Carroll more accurately, which is why I'm super excited to see Tim Burton's version coming out March 2010. Starring Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter and Anne Hathaway as The White Queen, the movie looks like its going to be amazing at least from a visual point of view. Check out the pictures below released from filming.

I would love to have an adventure in wonderland... I mean come one, who doesn't love the idea of falling through a looking glass every once in a while.

Now I'm FINALLY off to bed, gotta go have a few dreams of my own.

Just Getting Started...

Well, here I am, I made to my 100th post and I'm happy to report there is no signs of stopping anytime soon. It sounds kinda weird for me say that this is my 100th post, as really, I feel like I'm just getting started. Only recently have I started to share my blog with more people and I have also started to get somewhat of a following (small yes, but its a start). I started this blog in the beginning to inspire myself. You see I was beginning to get sucked into the trap of working then sleep and so on and in result started to lose sight of the trill of actually looking for inspiration and then from that creating things. Yes, I said it things. Because at the end of the day, not matter what it is, be it a batch of cookies, a inspiration board, a sketch for a new design, a feathered hair accessory or a new blog post, "creating" for me is what keeps the spark shining bright. So yes, today I can proudly say that I am inspired, mostly by all of you who visit my blog even if for only a moment, because my hope is that somewhere along the way I will inspire you as well.

Most of you are probably fairly new to my blog, so I thought for my 100th post I would highlight my top 5 favorite Fairytale Wishes & Dreams. I hope you like. Also stay tuned, as there are some exciting things in the works for FWD. For starters I will be featuring one of my dear friends new jewelry line as well as holding a fun contest along with it.

My Top 5 Fav's
So far...

2. When We Land Upon the Moon...

Click above to check out the video.

3. Inspiration: Candice Stringham Photography

4. Vintage Vogue at the Flea

5. Featured Illustrator: Antionette Fleur

Here's to many more fav's to come!!! Oh, and by the way, don't be shy... if you stop by for a minute, say hello or better yet follow me by clicking on the link to the right. Because life is just not worth living with out wishes & dreams! =)


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inspiration For Years to Come

Be it fashion, art, design or music everything these days seems to be inspired from something in the past. I am sure you are all familiar with YSL's famous 1960's Mondrian inspired dress. Well now in 2009 Caitlin Williams Freeman, a pastry chef for the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar located on the roof top of SF MOMA, has created an amazing cake also inspired by Piet Mondrian's 1930's painting "Composition with red, yellow + blue". Her job is to create deserts inspired by artist currently featured in the museum, which as you can see below, shes pretty good at it. IN my opinion the best part of her job is the that she gets to slips away into the museum with just a sketchbook in order to gather inspiration. Check out her sketch's below as well as the lovely outcome. What a perfect and Im sure tasty homage to Piet Mondrian.

The next time I'm in San Francisco I will have to stop by and see what lovely creations Freeman is currently offering at the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar.

YSL "Mondrian" Dress 1965

Caitlen Freeman, Inspiration
I so wish my sketchbook looked like this... note to self: sketch more often!

Mondrian Inspired Cake by: Caltin Freeman
For Blue Bottle Coffee Bar

photo credit: Met Museum & SFGate

Sunday Morning Bloom's 6/28/09

DK Designs
Handcrafted Clay Flowers

I have never been one who would ever think of using fake flowers for anything, but these are absolutely gorgeous! I mean seriously, can you even tell the difference? Each flower, petal by petal, is handcrafted using CLAYCRAFT™ by DECO© Soft Clay. Diane mostly works with Brides on creating wonderful centerpieces and bouquets to make little moments of their special day last a lifetime. Check out her website here, blog here and her etsy shop here. I think I want to purchase one of these centerpieces for my apartment, although I would much more enjoy learning how to make them if only I could figure out how to schedule a visit to her studio in San Jose, CA during my next visit home, then I would be set.


photo credit: DK Designs Hawaii

Saturday, June 27, 2009

BK Flea Top Five 6/27/09

"I can see clearly now the rain has gone"...

Well, at least for a large portion of the day, the sun was out and the Brooklyn Flea was in full swing. I was more than thrilled to spend the afternoon sipping on limeade, noshing on jalapeno and cheese pupusa's and checking out all that the flea has to offer. Lucky for you, the fact that the rain let up also means that my weekly top 5 picks are back for your viewing pleasure.


BK Flea Top 5:

Vintage Ballet Slippers
I'm not sure of the era or the price (the vendor had stepped away for a minute) but they were so lovely that I had to include them.

Joseph LaRose
Green Vintage Heels $40

I seriously cant believe I walked away from these, I mean look at the details on the inside and in my size too. Sigh...

Bonbon Oiseau
Handmade Headbands

Check out their blog here

Bonbon Oiseau
Key Fobs $25

Adding a bit of "grown up" sophistication to your keys. My friend purchased one with a lucky #7 engraved on it.

Ceramic Hand Painted Vases $40
Tulips would look amazing in these.


Collecther Boutique
Straw Fedora $20 and Sunglasses $15

I've been searching for a new pairs of glasses JUST like these since I broke my fav's about a week ago... Also thinking of changing out the feathers on the hat, just to make it a little different, but for now I love it.

Be sure to check out "you might like these stories" below for vintage BK Flea Top 5 Picks.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sea of Shoes for Urban Outfitters.

Jane Aldridge, Sea of Shoes
Design's Collection for Urban Outfitters

I have been following Jane over at Sea of Shoes for quite some time now. She has such an amazing sense of style for a women in any age range, but the best part is that she is only 17 years old. Her blog is fantastic and focuses mostly on her insane addiction to fabulous shoes, as well as features interesting photography of herself as well as her mix of vintage and high fashion style. Because its Jane, its no surprise that she was asked by Urban Outfitters to create a capsule collection for them featuring what Jane knows best, shoes of course.

Now the designs are by no means innovative but they are still pretty fabulous. My favorite are by far, the open toe boots. The collection will hit stores July 2009 and will be exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

According to the press release:

"Jane Aldridge may be just 17 years old, but the Dallas-based fashion blogger has an impressive global following on her personal style blog, Sea of Shoes. "Ever since I've reached my full shoe size I've been fanatical about collecting shoes," says Aldridge. "That's how my blog got started, as a means of chronicling my addiction to beautiful footwear and the evolution of my personal style," she adds. "The inspiration for this collection is a mish-mash of some of the elements of my favorite pairs—sort of Victoriana meets gladiator warrior."

Jane truly is a lucky girl. Its not every day that a 17 year old girl from Texas gets to live out their dream... But then again, with just one look at her blog, you can tell this girl is going places in the fashion industry, veterans be warned.

All images via Sea of Shoes Blog

Inspiration: Umbrella Photography

"When all the world is a hopeless jumble and the rain drops tumble all around. Heaven opens a magic place. When all the clouds darken up the sky way, there's a rainbow highway to be found." -Somewhere, Ella Fitzgerald

Brooklyn Bound
by Ramperto via flickr

Dancing in the Rain
via black and white tumblr

In case you were wondering where my BK Flea Top 5 Picks disappeared to, fear not, the weekly feature has just been on a hiatus for the last few weeks due to the rain. As much as the weather here in New York has really been getting me down, I must admit there really is something so romantic about a cloudy, dark and stormy day. The one thing I love about the rain is umbrellas. I find them so enchanting and whimsical. In my opinion, umbrella's as well as rain boots are always the high points of any rainy day. As long as you have nowhere to go, the rain can be quite relaxing, the perfect backdrop to a never ending adventure through your neighborhood. (I had one myself this past Sunday and it was quite lovely). And don't forget, you can't experience a rainbow without a storm.

Now all rainy day adventures aside... seriously, if anyone sees "summer" let her know that all of us her in NYC miss her dearly and are restlessly awaiting her arrival.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Library of Love...

Some of you may have seen this lovely DIY by Grace of Poetic Home featured over on Design*Sponge... some of you may have not. And for those of you who have not seen it because you don't follow Design*Sponge, first off shame on you (it really is one of the best) and second, I absolutely couldn't let you go through life not knowing about this fabulous project, so I'm re-posting.

The project was inspired by vintage library catalog cards (which you can create yourself through this website). Grace decided to catalog all of the moments that her and her husband have experienced. Continuing on with the idea, she created library cards for these moments by replacing the cataloged book numbers with the dates of the special moments and then using chapters of there life in place of book titles. For step by step instructions and a list of supplies visit Design*Sponge.

I plan to file this away to one day create for someone special! Handmade gifts from the heart are always make the best gifts. It really is the little things that count after all.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Inspiration: Daily Fashion Illustration

I came across a very lovely illustration as a part of Rachel's Weeks Best feature over at Design Lovely (who she found via. Where the Lovely Things Are) and was completely smitten. The artist, Nancy Zhang is a wonderful illustrator who shares her daily wardrobe over on via charming photos and illustrations. Be sure to also check out her blog for more inspiring illustrations. I am now a huge fan!!!

Below are a few of my favorites:

Photo's/Illustration credit: Nancy Zhang

Sunday, June 14, 2009

1920's Jazz Age Lawn Party

While catching up on The Sartorialist I came across these amazing pictures of groups of people dressed to the nines. With each picture is looked as if the subjects had stepped straight out of the roaring 20's. I instantly wondered what, where and why.

After a little google searching I found out that they were attending a real life Gatsby style party. The pictures were taken at the Jazz Age lawn Party on Governors Island in NY. Of course the event was LAST weekend (June 6th & 7th), but seriously I would have loved to have been there. The event featured a "delightful afternoon rendezvous of live music and dance, instructionin period dances, picnicking, and games". It looks as if this is a yearly event, one that I will for sure be on the look out for come June 2010, please do let me know if you hear of any.

For now enjoy the style focused pics from the event, all via The Sartorialist.

*Sigh* I so wish I was there...


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