Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Morning Bloom's 7/26/09

Photos Via my iPhone

Last week I discovered the most lovely little cafe, ever to exist in Midtown New York. More details will follow later about the cafe, as I plan to start a new feature on my blog where I will highlight wonderful, lovely little places like this that I find throughout New York City. How exciting does that sound? Each place will be something whimsical with its own special little touch. My hopes are that all of you can enjoy the little treasures right along with me. Would you enjoy a weekly or monthly feature highlighting "Hidden Treasures of New York"?

Well for now, its back to the blooms! Above is two lovely little sunflowers on display in glass milk jugs; my absoult favorite way to display flowers... that and old coffee cans =)

Hope your enjoying your Sunday... it looks like it might start raining here soon.



  1. this is lovely! I wonder if you would like to do a guest post at liviaconcept? I have a serie about citybreaks, and i'd love to have a post about NY! if you are up for that please contact me at

    i will send you a small present from sweden :)


  2. oh, i wrote the email wrong...!

  3. WOW Tiina, I am so flattered!!! =) I will email you shortly =) THANK YOU so much for reading my blog!


  4. Very. Very Good work here Fallon. I started to read and I look forward to taking more time to read more. How have you been?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Thanks Mishaanjudah!!! By the sound of your comment it sound like we know each other... but Im not quite sure who you are by your name listed. Email me at =)

  7. I love the sunflowers. It would be great to read about all the wonderful places NY has to offer.

  8. Yes. I would love to hear about beautiful gems sprinkled across NYC. I really enjoy going to places, like that, when I hang out in the city.



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