Sunday, July 19, 2009

BK Flea Top Five 7/18/09

The sky was blue, the shine was shinning and the BK Flea Vendors were out in full force. My adventures at the flea started off a different today, instead of the typical pupusas that my friend and I usually get, we opted for a tasty grilled cheese with pickles, for $5. Yum, yum! If you ever find your self at the flea, you must try. After we ate we started out on our journey through the flea. The assortment was much better this week compared to last. I came across many new vendors, as well as a few favorites. Its always hard to narrow down my selection to only five, but I think it makes that five that are chosen, more special. Below are my picks for the week.


BK Flea Top 5!

Lovely Fabric Covered Notebooks
I had a very nice chat with Astra, who designs and makes the above notebook covers. She described her inspiration as always having a love for fabric notebooks, but hated that fact that you could only use them once. These covers can easily slip off and be added to a new notebook and also include both front and back pockets. Whats not to love?!

Vintage Powder Blue Highchair
I (heart) this highchair. The perfect alternative to the modern plastic version.

Vintage Hand Stitched Custom Cowboy Boots
I love the butterfly detail on this lovely boots, custom made size US 4.

Vintage Beaded Slip Dress
Seriously if I had some extra money to spare, this dress would be on display in my closet, no questions asked. Sigh.....

Handmade Feather Hat
Absolutely love this!!! Again, if I could just some how get my hands on an unlimited cash supply, this too would be mine. I know its rather strange looking, but I love it. Its one of those things you have to try on to appreciate. Not everyone could pull it off, but for those who can... this hat is fierce! I plan to attempt to make one myself in the coming weekends. I will keep you posted.

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  1. I love that high chair It reminds me of the one my mother used when my kids were little Also that hat is to die for You are certainly one of the ones that could pull off wearing that Great pic this week

  2. That's exactly what I thought... the highchair looks just the wood one grandmas used to have =)

  3. Wow! The highchair looks exactly like the one my mom used when I was little, except it was not blue. The hat looks fabulous on you!

  4. Thanks for the mention, Fallon! I like what you're doing with your blog. It was nice talking on Saturday and I'm glad you like the notebooks. My email is on my website if you'd like to send me your postal address and I can mail you a little gift from my shop. Take care!

  5. Astra- Your welcome! It was nice chatting with you this past Saturday as well =) I'm so glad you like my blog... Cant wait to see your recipe one, that you mentioned starting.



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