Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday Morning Bloom's (Monday Edition 9/7/09)

Hi there! I know I'm about 24hrs late for my Sunday Morning Blooms post, but I have been in California for the weekend spending time with my Mom as she actually turned 50 today! My mom isn't exactly a creative time like myself, but since reading my blog some of her views of overall creativity have really started to change. I find her talking more about fashion, vintage things, fresh flowers and *gash* flea markets. Bless her heart,she has even dreams of be featured in my Sunday Morning Blooms. So this week, I decided I would photography the flowers I got her for her birthday as a part of her morning surprise. Look Mom, you made it!!!

Her surprise consisted on fresh baked donuts from the market, fresh flowers,a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and the family tradition of The Beatles birthday song. All in all the day has been off to a great start. Now were off to Benicia for a picnic in the park and some fun in the sun.

So here's to my wonderful mom, the strongest, most amazing woman I know. Life begins at 50... now's the time to make all your wishes & dreams come true. Love you Mom!



  1. I finally made your blog! Thank you for the most wonderful birthday yet. I agree I think some of you is rubbing off on me LOL

  2. pumpkin spice latte time is my favorite time of the year

  3. How sweet! I love your mom! These flowers are gorgeous!



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