Friday, September 18, 2009

For the easily distracted...

In case you were wondering what easily distracts me... head on over to my new friend Rhianne's blog For the easily distracted... I am stopped by for a visit today with a little guest post. Check it out and leave a comment letting me you know you stopped by =)

Be sure to spend some time reading all of the other post this week in Rhianne's "Things that distract me" series. I apologize now as you might get a little distracted yourself browsing through Rhianne's blog. Enjoy!



  1. Those things are so you Great post

  2. Hey! thanks so much for your comment - im glad you found me too :)
    What do you think of the Beautiful Fall?!
    I read the first half and totally loved it, and then for whatver reason it really slowed down for me and i couldnt focus...ended up abandoning it and returning it to the library. if you tell me the second half is worth it ill go back and get it haha!



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