Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Bloom's 4/5/09

It's Daffodil Season!!!
$1.29 a bunch
Handpicked in Ireland.

Daffodils on the G Train
Brooklyn NY

Daffodils and Glass Jars
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Early Morning Blue Skies & Daffodils
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Fascinating Fact: "It's considered unlucky to give one daffodil, but to give a bunch is to ensure happiness" -via Trader Joe's Culinary Compendium March 2009

Have you every wondered where the term Narcissism came from... well according to a Greek fairytale, there was a very handsome young Greek boy named Narcissus who was so enchanted by his own reflection that he feel into a pool of water and was then turned into a Narcissus flower by the Greek Gods as punishment. The narcissus flower is otherwise know as the Daffodil. Pretty interesting fairytale if you ask me.

Well there you have it... Sunday Morning Bloom's & a history lesson all rolled into one! Now I'm off to enjoy this absolutely gorgeous day in NYC!

Slan agat!
(good-bye in Irish)


  1. Love the pictures as well as the history behind them Very uplifting!

  2. Those are from Ireland!? So cool! I am going to Ireland in 2 weeks!

    Thanks for that little fact about daffodils!

  3. Your welcome Rach! While your in Ireland take a few pics of the Daffodils =)



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