Monday, April 27, 2009

My 1st Guest Post: Design Lovely

About a month ago I featured one of Jennifer's Candy Prints on my blog and in return she featured me on her blog Madebygirl. If only I would of know then that by doing so I would have been reunited with a long lost friend from high school! Sometimes it can be so wonderful when you are reminded how it really is a small world after all. Well since reconnecting my friend Rachel and I have been following each other through our blogs and I was extremely delighted when Rachel asked me to do a "Guest Post" on her Design Lovely Blog! You see Rachel was lucky enough to find the guy of her dreams, get married on a beautiful island (where she lives) and then honeymoon in Ireland... WOW! What a lucky girl!!!

Anyways... please be sure to check out Rachel's blog....

...and check out my guest post on fashion inspired by interior decor. Click the link below and you will be whisked away to the loveliness of Design Lovely.


1 comment:

  1. You are too sweet my dear friend! I loved your guest post so much! My mom said that she read your entire blog and she is now your biggest fan! You will have to come to Maui and stay with us sometime!



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