Monday, May 18, 2009

One Swell Home...

Welcome to the home of Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley. (Blogged about before here.. but so absolutely fabulous I had to do a repeat) Seriously, this is my absolute dream home. Every bit of the decor I love, It all fits my style to a tee. Purple...check. Glamour... check. Whimsical fantasy... double check. A fabulous career, stunning home and beautiful family with two adorable daughters Kit and Gigi Clementine, what more could a girl ask for.

Cynthia really is prof that a girl can have it all.



  1. would love to have this house

  2. pretty blog, I'm glad I found it! This house is also fantastic, I love the wallpaper behind the dinner table. Greetings from Stockholm

  3. Thank you Tiina... Im so glad that you enjoy my blog and that you found me as well: welcome! =)

    So glad you all enjoyed the interiors, Cynthia's house is amazing!!!



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