Sunday, March 15, 2009

Color Me Purple!

Photo Credit: Home & Garden

I came across this absolutely stunning image on one of my new favorite recently discovered blogs... Peacock Feathers. Purple is my FAVORITE color and well... I've always been a sucker for Purple & Gold... my high school colors along with the LA Lakers =) So its not a surprise that I love this decor! I would love to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in this room... sipping some acai berry green tea and watching a classic Audrey Hepburn Film, possibly crocheting a lovely scraf as well. Awww... the good life!


p.s. Wouldn't that wall paper featured be amazing in my boudoir!!! I can see it on a beautiful extravagant handmade headboard or even hung on the inside of one of these beautiful birdcage armories that I covet.

Note to self: Conduct web search for similar wall paper ASAP.

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