Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plastic Never Looked So Good!

Barbie really does have it all; a new re-vamped wardrobe (designed by Mr. Lagerfeld), a hot upgraded Ken and looks that could kill. Not to mention the fact that she hasn't seemed to age a day in the past 50 years...gosh, I want to be Barbie!!! I mean seriously, I have grown up loving her ever so... but that love has just intensified once I got a peek at this even more fashion forward Miss B.

Swoon worthy... I think so!!!

Below Barbie strikes a pose with model Baptiste Giabiconi as Ken in an exhibit which started March 9th running through the 28th created by Karl Lagerfeld. Now if I could just get a ticket to Paris, I would be all set! =)

When you look this good, who cares if your plastic!


Photo Credit: via colette

***For more information on the exhibit click here***

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