Sunday, August 22, 2010

In honor of tonights episode: MAD MEN

In honor of tonights episode of MADMENI bring you Christina Hendricks aka. Joan Holloway, who in my opinion is absolutely stunning! Her fire red hair, pale skin, bodacious curves and deep blue eyes are top notch.  She is everything and 1960's bombshell should be.  The roll of Joan Holloway was made for her! I can't wait to see what happens to Don Drapper and the gang this week!  Heading to make my self a cocktail now so I'm fully prepared.  

On that note have you downloaded the free MADMEN Cocktail Culture iphone app?  If not click here  and you'll be mixing up a Martini, Manhattan or Whisky Sour in now time. 

{photos via: LA Times}


  1. I love the color of her hair.

  2. Which Magazine is this from? They remind me of old Vogue shots. Beautiful photography and the styling is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Penny! Thanks for stopping by. The photos were from LA Times. Thanks for mentioning, as I totally forgot to insert a photo credit. The pics are very vintage Vogue.. my favorite part as well. Hope to see you again!



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