Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend DIY Project: Black & White Stripped Painting

As you all know, last week I was in LA for work.  We stayed at The Chamberlain Hotel in West Hollywood, such a cute place filled with inspiration.  One of the things that really caught my eye was this painting handing in my room, if you follow me on instagram @fairytale_wish you have already seen the pic.  When I first saw it I immedently thought, "I can make that".  So today I went to the craft store, got the supplies and made it.  And I am so glad that I did.  The results are stunning.  Keep reading for step by step instructions as well as pics of the finished product. 
This simple easy DIY project can be achieved in five easy steps: 
(Step 1-4, see above) 

Step 1: Step up your work area, this can be anywhere. I used my kitchen country and taped paper towels on the cabinets of they wouldn't get any paint on them 

Step 2: Prep your strips.  I used 2" scotch painters tape that I had laying around

Step 3: Start painting! 

Step 4: Finish painting all strips, including the sides, top and bottom; wait a couple hours for the paint to fully dry

Step 5: Pull off tape and hang on wall


Tools needed: 

-Acrylic Paint 
-Paint tray
-Painters tape

Finished product, Im so happy with it... also featuring Sunday Morning Blooms for the week! Total time from start to finish was only about an hour, including all prep work.  So easy, yet the end result looks so chic! I think I might hang in my bedroom, when I do I will be sure to share pics.  If you get inspired to make your own, please do share.  

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  1. Just lovely. I like your version better than the Hotel's. Thanks for sharing. Looks quite simple to do :) Hugs from Italy



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