Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lion King on Broadway - 27th Birthday Celebration

The weekend before Thanksgiving my guy surprised me with the best birthday gift ever... Tickets to see Lion King on Broadway! I have been dying to see this show ever since it hit broadway, many years ago, so you can imagine, I was beyond excited! First birthday together and he did good, really good!!! Check out my Lion King appropriate MICHAEL KORS zebra print sequin dress above (click here for details)... Not like I ever needed a reason to wear sequins...

I wasn't allowed to take pictures during the show...which is usually something I would ignore, but there was no way I was risking missing all the action. So with that said, all photos from hear on out are borrowed from 

The show was truly breathtaking; from the costumes...

to the characters...
to the opening scene, which I like to recreate at random moments (almost missed due to traffic on 45th street, thank God we didn't).
The way the costume design was able to create life like safari animals was the best use of imagination I have seen with my own two eyes.
But they didn't do it alone...
The preformers played a huge roll in making the animals come to life! 
It truly was an amazing experience, one that I hope you all get to enjoy one day if you have not already. I heard a rumor that the show may be leaving broadway soon, something to keep in mind when making you Santa Wish List this year. 

Next show on my must see list.... WICKED!!!  Santa, can you hear me? 

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  1. Happy Birthday girl! Lion King is coming to Orlando and I'm hoping to go see it :) Hope you enjoyed your birthday, looks like you had a fabulous day :)



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