Sunday, December 6, 2009

Marvels & Wonders: Photo Styling

While browsing the recently updated Anthropologie site I couldn't help but be completely infatuated with their Marvels & Wonders feature. Not only is everything featured fabulous, but the true shinning star is the stunning styling of each photo. Just when I thought I had the whole Anthro aesthetic figured out they go and surprise me with something beyond my imagination. With is why I love them oh so much!!!

Below are my favorite Marvels & Wonders...

Now that I am so inspired by this styling technique I cant wait to try and recreate it myself! Do you think they photo-shopped they two images together or actually had the sketches and styled them with the items?? It almost looks like the sketches are done on a foam cork board but I could be wrong. Have any of you done something like this before?

{images via: here}

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